I've been spying on my own daughter for three consecutive years in the orchards during this highly energetic and brief moment of magical spring bliss. I've got the right kind of eyes for this too. 

Every photographer has their own niche. Their own special sauce that makes them good at what they do. Want to know what the sriracha to my pho is?

I capture the special moments when others are busy finding magic in the world all around. I'm like a spy that finds you finding your joy. 

I am not the photographer who wants you to say "cheese".

I'm not the photographer who is going to get y'all to line-up and pose for the photo. 


I play hide and seek and capture those moments of joy and curiosity  The unposed candid moments of beauty. The ones that hit you in the heart so good. 

This year I made a major investment and followed my cuoristy to invest in a proper camera. I've been using my old school iPhones for way too long. And actually, you know what's cool about that, the single shot without extensive (or any good at all) zoom options actually helped make me a really good photographer. I learned how to position myself in ways to get the good shots. I got real with distance-to-subject stuff. I learned how to capture magic in front of me without any fancy gadgets. If I wanted a close shot, I had to get all up in that space to capture it. So when you see these photos of my personal shots from years past, you are in fact looking at photos taken from really old versions of iPhones. And now in the age of my new camera, I'm just bursting with excitement to take my photos to the next level of greatness.


My clients: 

✷ adore beautiful photos and appreciate having them of your family- but's it's not your wheelhouse so you find joy in seeking that out.

✷ love my style of candid photography.

✷ have no interest in having their kids [or themselves] say "cheese". 

✷ value my time, energy and the 32 years it's taken to grow the eyes to see these photos come to life.

✷ with this shoot in mind, you HAVE to be flexible with timing on this one and keep an open time slot for when it is photo shoot time. This means you may have to clear your schedule to make this work. WHY? Because the blooms come when they come and the sun shines when it shines and the clouds rain when they rain. The blooms and all of their magic have, really, a 48 hour window of time to work with. You need to be on call for this to work. Drop it like it's hot. 

✷ you or your loved ones are not allergic to or scared of bees. Sorry, but we are sharing space with some next level pollination. 

✷ you value quality over quantity. This is not about having 100+ photos to scan through, after all you are trusting my vision. I will give you 10 edited photos so that you can get right to the lovin' of them. I'm the Marie Kondo of the content. 

✷ you will receive your high resolution photos by email within 7 days of your photo shoot date.


PACKAGE: 10 high-res edited photos

TENTATIVE DATE: Sunday, May 26th. This may change due to natural forces as noted in the description above and in the Terms & Conditions.